Armour of Light (7 Songs)

by DeVora COHEN



7-song Messianic Jewish God rock CD


released June 6, 2012

DeVora Clark, lyrics and music.
Kelly DeLisle Johnson: CD cover artwork


all rights reserved



DeVora COHEN Macon, Georgia

DeVora Cohen was a Messianic Artist who converted to Judaism in 2020. Her songs are her life history which clearly reveals her spiritual transformation back to Mt. Sinai as a child of G-d, changing from performer to sync songwriter in folk/rock/pop/Blues/country/Praise/Worship.
Custom songs upon request.
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Track Name: Love is Divine
Walking and dancing among the clouds, I look to see you there
We join together, renew our vows, of love that we had shared,
Together, forever.

Your touch transcends the hands of time, embracing you and me
And when I look into your eyes, I see eternity,
Forever, together.

Love is a mystery. Love suffers long and is kind.
Love never fails, rejoices in Truth.
‘Til the end of time, love is Divine.

This love we share will always be forever in our hearts
Divinely planted, a testimony
Our love is bigger than what we are
A precious gift to share eternally.

Love is a mystery. Love suffers long and is kind
Love never fails, rejoices in Truth.
Until the end of time, love is Divine.
‘Til the end of time, love is Divine.
Track Name: Thing Called Love
Beckon me, I’ll follow though your ways are hard
You’re my morning star, and I need you, yes, I need you.

When your wings surround me, I’ll surrender, dear
Take away my fear
I believe you. Yes, I believe you.

What is this thing called Love that I’ve been dreaming of?
And it drives me where I dare not go,
A place, I’ve never ever known.

Your love will crucify me, that is how I’ll grow
Defenseless as I show you my weakness,
All my weakness.

Threatened by your tenderness, yet I am drawn to your light
You’re my heart’s delight
Did I dream you? Did I dream you?

Track Name: Jericho
Walls of defense in Jericho
Living suspense everywhere I go
Called upon by two men, I took them to my den
In Jericho.

Was I right? Was I wrong to help them hide?
Oh, Lord keep me strong even though I lied.
My mission of mercy: protect my soul family
In Jericho.

And the open door finds my way
I pray my heart won’t lead me astray
You’re faithful to the end
On this I can depend
The scarlet cord hung from my window.
I am saved!

I look to Heaven, won’t look behind
Circle of seven, your secret is mine
Shout people! Trumpets sound
I heard the wall fall down
In Jericho.
Track Name: Wisdom
I am looking for the ways of Wisdom, if I listen she will say great things
I hear Her whispering heart as She sings.

The fear of the Lord is to hate evil, if you love Him, then you love Me
I will give you knowledge to set your heart free.

But if you hate Me, you love death. You can choose to live in strife
Sin against Me, you wrong your own soul
To find Me is to find your own life.

So, listen to Me, sons and daughters. Hear my Words and you’ll be wise
I can save your heart and your soul from demise.

But if you hate Me, you love death. You can choose to live in strife
Sin against Me, you wrong your own soul
To find Me is to find your own life.

I was on this earth from the beginning, the Lord possessed Me in His Way
I will be rejoicing, day by day!
Follow me children, toward His Light - everlasting WayJ
Track Name: Invisible Crown
Though I’m free from all men, I’m a servant to all
That I may win the more, never to fall
And to the Jew I became as a Jew, that I might win maybe one of you
Aaah, not the letter but under the Law.

To the weak, I became one of the weak
Plant a seed and cause the people to seek
I have become all things to man, that I might save some hurting friend
Aaaah, I wanna share the Besorah with you.

Yes I’m running - Ah, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
We’re all running our race, who’s gonna wear the crown?

Lead guitar solo

Woe is me if I keep it all to myself
Pack a lie, collecting dust upon some shelf
The Words will easy your aching soul, His Light within me made me whole
Aaah, I am free: as free as a bird!

And I’m running, Yes, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
And I’m running, Yeh, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
Aaah, for my crown, my invisible crown.
Track Name: Grateful
Oh, the sky is such a beautiful blue, I am drifting on the seas

Lying down in a boat built for two, No place on earth I’d rather be.

Warm sun is dancing merrily in my eyes, Soft-scented fragrance, peaceful breeze

Oh Mother Nature every day, sweet surprise, whispering secrets in the trees.

And I’m grateful to God, gave me sunshine, and the mood of the mackerel sky

And my favorite flower - the lupines - I can’t help wondering why?

I can’t help wondering why?

Guitar solo

Oh the boldness of the grass, sea of green, flowers splash colors in my face

Beautiful Heaven and Your sight is unseen, I cannot fathom such a place

Track Name: Treasure in Heaven
So you have so much to give, but you hold onto all that you’ve got

Wanting more than you have, it never seems quite like enough

You hear Adon calling, But you keep on stalling

Can’t let go of your things, it’s asking way too much.

And you talk to your god, you tell him your heart’s desire

Dressed in gold and your diamond, possessions of passion and fire

Looks good on the outside, But in your heart - you hide

The secrets are deep now, you’re stuck in the mire.

Have treasure in Heaven, walk in the Light

Let go of your riches for eternal life

His way isn’t easy, for the rich man to follow

Have treasure in Heaven, walk in His Light.

And you’re wearing your smile, and you’re fooling all of your friends

Boasting loudly, you give not a lot from your heart - you pretend

The eye of the needle, seems so small in your eyes

I fear when you listen, my dear, it’ll be way too close to the end.