Trees of Righteousness (5 Songs)

by DeVora COHEN



Messianic Contemporary Judaism/Christian 5-song EP, featuring Devora Clark on vocals & guitar, and Middle Eastern drums, percussion, and violins.


released December 9, 2011

Devora Clark: Mars&Bella Music.
Aaronic Blessings music: Andrzej Gasiorowski.


all rights reserved



DeVora COHEN Macon, Georgia

DeVora Cohen was a Messianic Artist who converted to Judaism in 2020. Her songs are her life history which clearly reveals her spiritual transformation back to Mt. Sinai as a child of G-d, changing from performer to sync songwriter in folk/rock/pop/Blues/country/Praise/Worship.
Custom songs upon request.
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Track Name: True Love
When I saw your face I was so sure that you were the one for me

What I felt inside my heart was fire - I’ve prayed for you: my heart’s desire

Tender love is better than sweet wine, for I’ve found my true love divine.

Feel the pitter-patter of my heart, the rhythm beats from my soul

I don’t have to speak a word, you know, Adonai said it would be so

Draw me near, and I’ll run after you-cuz you know, you’ve found your beloved, too.

True love: that’s what everyone is looking for
True love that will last forevermore
And I can rest, I’m in your care, knowing that together we will share
True love divine.

Take my hand and speak to me the vows of promise I long to hear

I will say them back to you, my dear: I love you, I’ll always be near!

I’m your Rose of Sharon, Lilly of the Valley, and I’ll love You eternally.

Chorus and end.
Track Name: Achan: Book of Joshua 7
Achan, I’m calling you, Hide your heart from Holy view
You stole from the Lord. What will you do?
How long will you run from His Grace, and what is true?
Oh, Achan, I’m calling you.

Children of Israel! One among you remains infidel
The weakness of one lives in sin where you dwell
He’s got to come clean for your sake, he’s got to tell
Oh Children of Israel!

Yeshua, Lord, have mercy on me.
Out of my heart, take this sin, set me free
Yeshua, rescue me!

Destruction, and who’s to blame?
Inside your heart who you became
Deception and lies will bring you down and cause you pain
Without Adonai’s blessing what will you have to gain?
Oh, people, call on His Name!

Track Name: Spirit of Adonai
Spirit of Adonai

The Spirit of Adonai is upon me, because Adonai has anointed me
To preach the Besorah to the meek
He has sent me to heal he brokenhearted
To proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.
To proclaim the acceptable year of Adonai
And the day of vengeance of Elohim
To comfort all who mourn, To console those who mourn in Tzion.
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of sasonn for mourning,
The garment of tehilla for the spirit of heaviness.
That they may be called TREES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS
The planting of Adonai
That He may be glorified.

(Words may be adjusted to align with original Scripture)
Devora Clark, c. 2011
Track Name: Hear, Oh Israel
Shema Israel (Hear, oh Israel)

Shema Israel, Adonai Eloheinu
Adonai Echad (the Lord is One)
Adonai Echad.

Hear Oh Israel! Hear, Oh Israel!
The Lord is One, The Lord is One.

Barook Shem, Kavod Malkuto
Le olam vaed, Le olam vaed.

Blessed be the Name
Adonai Eloheinu
Forever, and ever,
Track Name: Aaronic Blessing
Yivarechicha Adonai V'yishmirecha
Ya-Ayr Adonai Panav Aylecha Ve'Yichunecha
Yee-saw Adonai Panav Aylecha, Yee-saw Adonai Panav Aylecha
Ve'Yasaym Le'cha Shalom.

May the Lord bless you - Adonai - and protect you
May the Lord shine His face to you, and be gracious to you
May the Lord lift up His face to you, the Lord lift up His face to you
And give to you His Peace.