Shipping and return policies for Devora COHEN

Shipping Info
Wildly Innocent: Price of $9.00 includes shipping, contiguous U.S. states only (no oversees shipping on this CD).
Set Her Free: mp3 downloads only. No physical CD available.
El Shaddai CD single: mp3 downloads only. No physical CD.
Trees of Righteousness: mp3 and physical CD.
Armour of Light: mp3 downloads only
Mt. Zion: shipping mp3 or fees added and sent to contiguous U.S states only
Spirit-Filled Israel: mp3 download only
Mi Chamocha: mp3 download only
Pool of Siloam CD: mp3 latest CD available 10/4/17
Messianic Shabbat Siddur CD available online only mp3 downloads
Subsequent music online. Please add to your Spotify and Pandora playlists!
Return Policy
No returns