We're all running the race. Who's gonna wear His crown?


Though I’m free from all men, I’m a servant to all
That I may win the more, never to fall
And to the Jew I became as a Jew, that I might win maybe one of you
Aaah, not the letter but under the Law.

To the weak, I became one of the weak
Plant a seed and cause the people to seek
I have become all things to man, that I might save some hurting friend
Aaaah, I wanna share the Besorah with you.

Yes I’m running - Ah, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
We’re all running our race, who’s gonna wear the crown?

Lead guitar solo

Woe is me if I keep it all to myself
Pack a lie, collecting dust upon some shelf
The Words will easy your aching soul, His Light within me made me whole
Aaah, I am free: as free as a bird!

And I’m running, Yes, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
And I’m running, Yeh, I’m running, Really running for the invisible crown
Aaah, for my crown, my invisible crown.


from Armour of Light (7 Songs), released June 6, 2012
DeVora Clark


all rights reserved



DeVora Delilah Clark Macon, Georgia

Delilah Clark was a New Wave Boston guitar chick in the 80's with two noteworthy songs, "Dreamin" and "Boston Nights". In the 90's, she formed a Blues band in Nashville, TN. But then G-d showed her the Light and she's been returning to El Shaddai ever since. For awhile, she identified with her Hebrew first name, but that all changed when she married in 2017. Still rockin on! ... more

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