Lekhah Dodi

by Devora COHEN



This 16th century poem was originally written by Rabbi Shlomo HaLevi Alkabetz. DeVora arranged contemporary music to this beautiful song that is sung joyously to greet the Shabbat.


L'cha doe-dee leek-raht ka-la
p'nay Shabbat n'lab-la (2).

Sha-more v'za-chor b'dee-boor eh-chad
heesh-me-ahnoo ale hahm-yoo-chad
Adonai eh-chad oo-sh'moe eh-chad
l'shame ooltee-feh-ret v'leet-he-la

L'cha doe-dee ...

Heet-na-ah-re may-ah-fahr koo-me,
leve-she beeg-day teef-ahr-taych ah-me
ahl yah ben Yee-shy bait ha-lahch-me
kahr-va el nahf-she g'ah-la

L'cha doe-dee ...

Heet-oh-r'ree heet-oh-r'ree
key va oh-raych koo-me oh-ree
oo-ree oo-ree sheer da-bay-ree
k'vode Adonai ah-la-yeech neeg-la

L'cha doe-dee ...

Come my beloved to welcome the bride
The presence of Shabbat we receive!

Observe and remember in one divine utterance
We heard from the One and Only God
The Lord is One and His name One
For renown, for splendor, and for praise

Come, my beloved ...

Shake off the dust, arise!
Dress in garments of glory, my people
Through the son of Jesse, the Bethlehemite
Redemption draws near to my soul

Come, my beloved ...

Wake up, wake up!
For your light has come
Awaken, awaken, sing a song
For the glory of the Lord is revealed to you

Come my beloved ...


released October 22, 2018
Music arrangement, vocals, mixing and mastering by DeVora Cohen


all rights reserved



Devora COHEN Macon, Georgia

Folk-Rock Psalmist
DeVora Clark COHEN songs are a testimony to the God of Israel who called her out of a prodigal rock n roll lifestyle formerly known as Delilah.
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