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Not to us, Adonai, not to us, but to Your Name give glory.
For Your rachamim and for Your emet's sake, why should the nations say, "Where is your Elohim?" But our Elohim is in the shamayim (heavens), He has done whatever He pleased.
Their idols are silver and gold: the work of men's hands.
They have mouths, but they speak not; eyes they have, but they see not.
They have ears, but they hear not; noses they have, but they smell not. They have hands, but they touch not; feet they have but they walk not, neither do they speak through their throat. They that make them are like them, so is everyone that trusts in them.
Oh, Israel, trust in Adonai: He is your help and your shield. O Beit Aharon: trust in Adonai: He is your help and your shield. You that fear Adonai, trust in Elohim: He is your help and your shield. Adonai has been mindful of us. He will bless us, He will bless Beit Israel.
He will bless Beit Aharon. He will bless them that fear Adonai, both great and small.
Adonai shall increase you more and more: you and your children. You are blessed of Adonai Who made the shamayim and the earth. The shamayim are the shamayim of Adonai, but the earth He has given to the children of men.
The dead do not hallel Adonai, neither those that go down into silence. But we will bless Adonai from this time forth and le-olam-va-ed.
Hallel Adonai!


from Pool of Siloam (9 Songs), released October 4, 2017
Lyrics: Scripture
Music: Devora Clark Cohen
Instruments: Devora Clark Cohen and XL.


all rights reserved



DeVora COHEN Macon, Georgia

DeVora Cohen was a Messianic Artist who converted to Judaism in 2020. Her songs are her life history which clearly reveals her spiritual transformation back to Mt. Sinai as a child of G-d, changing from performer to sync songwriter in folk/rock/pop/Blues/country/Praise/Worship.
Custom songs upon request.
Email: debracohenmusic@gmail.com
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